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Inspirational patient stories of perseverance
to find the answers. 

Are you tired of the healthcare revolving door?

Do you feel dismissed, labeled or pigeon-holed?  


It's all
in your head.

You don't

It must

Your tests

There's nothing wrong with you!

Have you seen doctor after doctor begging to put a name to your symptoms? 


How long have you been seeking answers? Months? Years?


Were you successful? Or are you still seeking answers?

Podcast Reviews! 

"In a world where invisible illnesses often go unnoticed, one podcast is shining a light on the struggles and triumphs of those living with chronic conditions. "'The Desperate for a Diagnosis Podcast,'" hosted by Laura Nozicka, delves into the personal stories of individuals who have defied the odds and become advocates for their own health. Laura Nozicka's skillful storytelling and genuine interest in her guests create an atmosphere of trust and authenticity, making "The Desperate for a Diagnosis Podcast" a must-listen podcast for anyone seeking stories of hope, empowerment, and patient advocacy."

DFD, Listener


Screenshot 2023-07-13 181844.png

"Thank YOU so much Laura! You're such a great, thoughtful interviewer, and we appreciate you bringing these stories to light. Our Books Forward team definitely has you top of mind for any other projects we have in the future that could be a good fit. We're proud to work with you and your show!"
Marissa DeCuir, President & Partner - Books Forward

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If this describes your experience or that of a loved one, The Desperate for a Diagnosis Podcast wants to tell your story!



If you (patient or caregiver/care partner) would like to be a guest on the podcast, please click on this link to be considered for a podcast episode. Laura will contact you for a screening interview to learn more about your journey.



You have been successful in finding a diagnosis or you are still seeking out a diagnosis for symptoms after at least one year. You may also have been misdiagnosed prior to finding the correct diagnosis. 

I am looking forward to hearing your story! 


It is so important to present perspectives from both sides of the bedside.


Health-related professionals or experts with resources and perspectives on coping with chronic illnesses, health insurance, roadblocks in the healthcare systems that prevent patients from getting answers, the value of clinical trials, and any other experts who can help shed light on how patients can advocate for themselves and navigate the healthcare system are welcome. Other topics will be considered. 


Guests who have authored a book or other resource that may be valuable to listeners are also welcome. 


To be considered for the podcast, email Laura at with your contact information, area of expertise and proposed topic. 

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